20 Mar

Garbage Storage & Pick-up – The Basics

For comprehensive details, please see the City’s information publications such as the collection calendar and the Take It Back Directory – call 311 for a copy or go online athttp://ottawa.ca/gc/calendar_en.shtml
WHEN to put garbage out
Garbage day is Wednesday in Sandy Hill. Garbage, recycling and leaf and yard waste should not be placed out prior to 6:00pm Tuesday night and no later than 7:00 am Wednesday morning. Please note, when a holiday falls on a regular collection day, collection and set out times are delayed by one day for the remainder of the week.

WHERE/HOW to store garbage until garbage day

  • Garbage or recycling CANNOT be stored on your front property, nor on your front porch or beside your porch
    - Garbage and recycling CAN ONLY be stored either at the back or side of your home
  • Garbage CANNOT be stored in loose bags outside your home
    - If stored outside, it MUST be in proper receptacles in order to keep animals away and prevent debris from blowing away

WHO is responsible for what with multi-unit dwellings (multiple apartments at one address)?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that all waste placed out for collection conforms to all of the provisions of the by-law. This includes ensuring their tenants fully understand the times waste is to be placed out and how to package their waste to ensure collection and to avoid loose debris from blowing away. Moreover, property owners must ensure that during peak student moving times, regular waste and furniture is not left at the street for several days awaiting collection. Items from move-outs should either be stored inside or at the rear of the premises.

WHAT can/can’t I put out to the curb?

Please consult the City of Ottawa at 311 or http://ottawa.ca/gc/calendar_en.shtml for the comprehensive list for handling disposal of pet waste, tires, paint, appliances, bulky items, hazardous materials … e.g.,

  • Appliances: Household appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dryers, dishwashers, hot water tanks, oil tanks, etc., are not picked up by the City’s curbside collection. Residents must make their own arrangements to have them taken away. Check the Yellow Pages under “recycling” for a list of businesses providing this service or call 311 for information.
  • Large, bulky items: Large items such as sofas, mattresses, furniture can be picked up at the curb. Please put it out before 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.

WHAT happens if I don’t comply?

Noncompliance increases costs to you the taxpayer because of the added costs of enforcing compliance and ensuring cleanup, not to mention the fact that noncompliance typically makes your neighborhood unpleasant, unhealthy and unsafe.

The City’s Waste Management inspectors are closely monitoring the Sandy Hill area to ensure residents/tenants and owners are conforming to the By-law. In the case of multi-unit residential dwellings, the inspectors will be communicating with the property owners to remove garbage that is at the curb too early or to remove or repackage waste that has been improperly placed out by tenants. The same holds true for single-family dwellings.

Repeat offences by residents or owners may result in the issuance of by-law offence notices or fines.