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Frequently Asked Questions

The Town and Gown Association

The Town and Gown Association (TGAO) is a recently formed (2005) multi-stakeholder group whose objective is to help communities explore creative and collaborative solutions to the challenges  resulting from their growing post-secondary populations.  Their web site (www.tgao.ca) will include research papers, government reports and the latest news on issues related to “near-campus” communities. .”  For information, contact info@tgao.ca

Rooming Houses and Special Needs

Action Sandy Hill provides the information herein as a courtesy to Sandy Hill residents. This information represents only a summary based on available information at the time of posting. For comprehensive and up-to-date information, please contact the City of Ottawa client services at 580 2400 and/orwww.ottawa.ca.

Definitions, Licensing Rules, and Zoning Issues?

Rooming House/ Rooming Unit

  • Rooming House: means a building designed and built to only contain 4 or more rooming units
  • Rooming House, Converted: means a building which has been altered to only contain 4 or more rooming units
  • Rooming Unit: means a room, or suite of rooms, that constitutes a separate, independent occupancy n which a person sleeps; and which might have either a kitchen or a washroom but not have both

Associated Licensing and Zoning Issues

  • A license is required in order to operate a rooming house. The licensee must display the license certificate in a prominent location inside the main entrance of the rooming house.
  • Conditions for license renewal: The following biennial inspections shall be made and no rooming house license shall be renewed unless in every second year:
    • The premises comply with the zoning, building, and property standards requirements
    • The fire chief has reported in writing that the premises are suitable for the purpose of the license application and comply with the fire regulations
  • The license renewal process will consider address-specific (versus organization specific) historical/current issues/concerns noted by any stakeholder in the community.
  • There are no zoning restrictions across Ottawa that limit the establishment of a rooming house.
  • The City advises that any organization planning to establish a rooming house first inform the appropriate councilor.

Special Needs Home

  • Means a supervised group-residence used for residential purposes by 3 or more persons, exclusive of staff, where the residents live as a group in a single household living arrangement and where the residents, as a condition of their residency, require and accept support or supervision on a daily basis such that, at a minimum, staff is responsible for providing or arranging meals, or supervising the preparation of meals.