01 Mar

January 2012 Board Meeting Minutes

Action Sandy Hill Board Meeting
January 30, 2012
Email: info@ash-asc.ca

Rencontre du Conseil d’administration d’Action Côte-de-Sable
Le 30 janvier, 2012
Courriel: info@ash-acs.ca

Present/Présents: Sam Almsaddi, Sophie Beecher, François Bregha, Christopher Collmorgen, Mona Frendo,Marcia George, Jane Gurr, Kyle Simunovic, John Verbaas.

Regrets/Absents: Eric Crighton, Julie Crôteau, Liz Kessler, Alice Kwong, Claire MacDonald

  1. Welcome and introductions

Christopher Collmorgen welcomed everyone and invited Board members and members of the public to introduce themselves.

  1. Review and approval of the agenda

Sam moved (Jane seconded) that the agenda be approved, with the amendment that presentations on Arts Court and the Rideau-Charlotte properties be added.

  1. Approval of minutes

François moved (Sam supported) approval of the November 28 minutes.

  1. Arts Court

The City has agreed to expand the current Arts Court facilities, which are too small for the current occupants, in partnership with the University and a developer. This will involve a three-storey addition immediately east of the site, with a high-rise over it (a hotel, apartment building or condo tower). Total cost is estimated at $30 million. The City hopes to complete a concept plan this Spring, issue tenders this Fall, start construction in October 2013 and complete the building in 2015. The City will be invited back to present the concept plan to an ASH Board meeting this Spring.

  1. Richcraft property, Charlotte and Rideau

Richcraft has agreed to demolish the existing derelict properties on the site it owns and build a temporary park at its own expense to City standards. The City will assume any liability from park use. In return, Richcraft is seeking a signed assurance from the City and ASH that they will not object to development on this site as long as it meets the approved zoning designation. Demolition of the current buildings would take place this Spring and the construction of a new building may not get underway for 8 to 10 years. Part of the land is contaminated. The City will provide the wording of the commitment Richcraft is seeking to ASH for Board discussion.

  1. Councillor’s report

Claridge bought the property at Chapel and Rideau for redevelopment. Should it ask for a rezoning, this property would qualify for S. 37 of the Planning Act, creating benefits for the community. Mr. Fleury would like the community to start thinking about such benefits to be prepared if and when the time comes. The redevelopment may also provide an opportunity to improve this part of Rideau St. during reconstruction next year.

The Councillor is continuing to discuss with OC Transpo improvements to bus routes 5 and 16. Some improvements were made for access to the Smythe campus but not to connect Strathcona Heights to Rideau St. The Councillor hopes further changes will be made in April.

Rideau St. will be renewed in 2 phases starting this April: Dalhousie to Chapel will be done this year and Chapel to Wurtemberg in 2013. Overhead hydro wires will be buried.

  1. Questions from the floor

There were no questions.

  1. Executive Committee report

Christopher reported that the Executive had agreed to the following priorities to the AGM: update of ASH by-law, revamp of website, recruitment of chairs for the special events and outreach committees and launch of the Town and Gown committee. Christopher also noted the special bequest ASH received from the estate of Marian Heringer.

  1. ASH By-law

Sophie explained the editorial and substantive changes that she was proposing and walked the Board through the by-law section by section. Board members proposed a few additional changes during discussion. Sophie will make these changes with the aim of having the Board approve the new By-law at its next meeting. The Board will circulate the revised By-law to the membership for ratification at the AGM.

Sam agreed to buy a Minute book and corporate seal to replace those we lost.

  1. Planning, Development and Transportation

Jane reported on the Committee’s activities:

  • ASH made a submission to the Committee of Adjustment about the construction at 466 Nelson St. The Committee ruled against the owner’s application. The owner is appealing.
  • The committee met with City staff to discuss tools community associations can use to influence the building and infill process.
  • The Committee meets once a month with the Councillor and his staff to discuss planning and development issues in Sandy Hill.
  • The Committee organised a workshop in mid-January with City staff on the zoning process.

John is working with community associations and Councillor Chernushenko to prevent the construction of the Alta Vista Transportation Corridor.

  1. By-laws and enforcement

The ASH Board committee meets monthly with the Councillor’s office. It was noted that the 311 service seems to be improving. The new noise by-law will come in force in May. ASH should write an article in IMAGE about these matters in the Spring.

  1. Special events

The winter carnival was a success in spite of having been organised at the last minute. It went over budget, in part because there had been no time to fund-raise from local sponsors. Marcia will write thank you notes to Barbara Brockmann, who organised the festival, and George Blake to thank them for their contribution.

  1. Community relations

ASH attended the consultations over the construction of the new UOttawa stadium. The main concern is ensuring that the riverside pathway not be compromised.

ASH supported the residents of Strathcona Heights to establish a community house. The funding request was unsuccessful.

ASH is working with stakeholders to develop the terms of reference for the Town and Gown committee. Stakeholders will meet February 8 to discuss them. Christopher will circulate them to the Board after they have been approved.

There was a Good Neighbours Committee last week. The Student Federation outlined its plans for its winter carnival. The University has not yet approved the position of community relations officer.

  1. Outreach and membership

The Executive is considering how to manage the ASH phone line (is it still needed? Can it be made more useful?). The Executive is also looking for a web designer to improve the current website.

Kyle reported on his work upgrading the membership database. Eventually, he hopes to create links to the website that would allow residents to become members on-line. Kyle will report on his progress at the next Board meeting.

Marcia reminded the Board that the deadline for nominations for the community awards is March 1.

  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9.20.